What is a one sentence pitch?

The important thing to remember is that a good presentation is a description of what is actually happening. It's a one-sentence description of the plot, not the subject. A registration line is a lifesaver that will allow you to present a novel (or series) in ONE sentence, YES, ONE. Registering will save you time, energy and sanity (leave fiction to the crazies).

This phrase will keep you focused on the original story you wanted to tell and will prevent you from walking along the rabbit trails. At the same time, the one-sentence argument is at the core of all the summaries you're going to make in the future. Last week I described the general need to reduce the plot to one sentence, one paragraph and two paragraphs in order to have an advantage over the thousands of times you will need to summarize your work over the course of the life of a book. Often, the reason writers are so terrified of the presentation session is that they can't clearly express what their book is about in one or three sentences.