What is an example of an elevator pitch?

A presentation speech is a brief description of your professional and educational achievements and information relevant to your professional abilities and goals. You use it when you introduce yourself to people in networking situations and professional fairs or answer the interview question: “Tell me about yourself”. It's also your professional summary in your resume and LinkedIn profile. What is a promotional speech and how can it help your career? A promotional speech, also known as an elevator speech, is a quick synopsis of your background, experience, and purpose.

The reason it's called an elevator pitch is because it should be short enough to be presented during a short elevator ride. The elevator pitch (also known as elevator speech) is a short, persuasive speech that you use to introduce yourself, your product or your company. The third type of promotional speech we'll discuss is the one you use to describe your business, product or idea to a customer, a stakeholder, or potential venture capital. Now that you have an idea of what you should and shouldn't include in your keynote speech, you're ready to think about actual delivery.

The best way to feel comfortable giving an elevator speech is to practice it until the speed and “tone” are natural, without it sounding robotic. To feel more comfortable with an elevator pitch, prepare the basic framework for your own so that you can adapt it to a particular situation later on. In essence, a promotional speech is a 30- to 60-second “announcement” about you, according to Sonja Moffett, a professional engagement partner at the University of Southern New Hampshire (SNHU). Now that you know the best practices, download HubSpot's eight free ad presentation templates to put your knowledge to work.

The problem with rambling on in a promotion scenario is that you haven't yet earned the interest or attention of the potential customer. The right elevator pitch example says: “I'm the candidate you've been looking for all your life. An elevator speech is a great way to gain confidence by introducing yourself to hiring managers and company representatives. Interviewers usually start with the question: Tell me about yourself, think of your presentation speech as a supercondensed version of your response to that request.

Your presentation speech is a way to share your knowledge and credentials quickly and effectively with people who don't know you. If you're looking for work, you can use your keynote speech at job fairs and career fairs, and online in your LinkedIn summary or Twitter bio, for example. Research has shown that there is almost no correlation between the presence of a sales pitch and the final decision of potential stakeholders. No two elevator launches are the same, as each one has different backgrounds and experiences to contribute.